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Contract Drafting: Powerful Prose in Transactional Practice, Third Edition offers an expansive approach to studying the transactional lawyer’s responsibilities as contract drafter. 

Legal drafting is a core competency for most lawyers, yet it is the skill for which lawyers are least prepared. Because drafting has not been widely taught, most lawyers need to take definitive steps to sharpen their drafting skills.

In fourteen lessons, Contract Drafting by Lenne' Eidson Espenschied serves as a complete how-to guide for lawyers new to transactional practice or for more experienced lawyers looking to reinforce their skills. This clearly written guide explains how the drafting process works; how transactional lawyers work from prior documents to produce effective and complete legal documents that protect the client's interests. It is a supremely practical guide that is straightforward and to the point, organized for ease of use and full of important tips and techniques.