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Raves on continuing education programs

“Very helpful & Lenné was so personable & enjoyable.” 

“Very practical + usable advice.  Many seminars are not helpful to in-house counsel.  This one is.  Thanks for offering this.” 

“Practical examples; time spent during program applying tips.  Great presentation.”

“The relevance of the material presented will add value to my  drafting, and most importantly my ability to review documents that are  drafted by other counsel in collaborative transactions.” 

“Well prepared and articulate speaker.

"Clearly organized.  Presented ‘real world’ practical points.  Excellent Speaker."

Raves on Contract Drafting Book


“I loved this book.  I didn't need another book that just scratched  the surface; I needed a guide to consult, one that respects my  intelligence and my 28 years of experience in transactional law.  Lenne'  Espenschied's Contract Drafting, a resource that is both practical and  provocative, now has a place of honor next to my blackberry charger on  my desk!  I have had several "aha!" moments when reading this book, and  look forward to many more.”    

Lizanne Thomas 

Partner-in-Charge—Jones Day  


“There is a real need for a practical guide to transactional  drafting.  Lenné Espenschied has written a very well organized ‘how to’  guide for new and experienced lawyers that provides practical techniques  and the theories behind the techniques.  I feel certain this will be a  valuable resource for any transactional lawyer.” 

Mark D. Wasserman 

Managing Partner 

Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP 


"Finally someone has created a concise, easy to use hornbook for  legal drafting instead of legal writing, and has paid attention to the  needs of the client instead of the needs of the professional ego.  This  book is an invaluable resource for those lawyers beginning their  transactional practices." 

Don Manning 

Former General Counsel 

Fortune 500 Company 

“This book should find its way into the hands of every business  executive and his or her ‘deal lawyer.’  It is practical, easy to read,  and understandable – just like a contract should be.  When these simple  guidelines are followed, we can expect a better working document, even  for the most complex transactions.  Hats off to the author for sharing  her insights!”  

Jane O. Salter 

Chief Financial Officer 

Private Equity Company 

“WOW!! What an awesome tool for any transactional lawyer. 

… a  very practical tool that any lawyer will like to have when drafting  legal documents. I wish I’d had resources like this in law school and  when I was in private practice trying to learn how to draft solid legal  documents. 

This is going to become a “Must Have” for any lawyer that is drafting. 

The  Appendices are so helpful. As an Labor and Employment law lawyer my eye  caught the sample Letter Agreement. That will be a very useful tool for  me in my in house practice.” 

Mary Ulmer-Jones 

Associate General Counsel 

Fortune 500 Company 

“This book is a unique combination of scholarly wisdom and practical  advice.  Excellent teaching aid for law school students as well as a  training guide for beginning attorneys.  Seasoned practitioners will  also benefit from the drafting techniques described in this book, as the  plain English movement is well underfoot.”    

Elizabeth U. Fee 

Division Counsel 

Fortune 500 Company