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Full-Day Live Programs


  • Secrets of Bulletproof Contract Drafting
  • How to Draft a Contract
  • Tips from the Bench:  How 25 Recent Cases Impact the Way We Draft Contracts

Half-Day Live Programs


  •  Who’s to Blame?
  • Excerpts from Secrets of Bulletproof Contract Drafting



  • Who’s Hacking Lawyers, and Why?
  • A Practical Guide to Negotiating and Drafting Earnout Provisions 
  • To Indemnify, or To Hold Harmless?
  • How to Allocate Risk in a Contract
  • Better Prose, Better Contract: 5 Ways to Improve Contract Terminology
  • Sentences: Sense and Sensibility
  • Context and Perspective in Contract Drafting 
  • Effective Contract Drafting Techniques to Improve Your Competency and Personal Brand
  • What Litigators Should Know about Contract Drafting
  • Contract Drafting Basics
  • 8 Mistakes Experienced Contract Drafters Usually Make
  • Six Steps to Better Business Writing
  • The Dirty Dozen: The 12 Most Common Grammar and Writing Errors